Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers

You are sure to have many friends who love whiskey and would love its related gifts. You can find more whiskey gifts for dad here. Below is a perfect list of all that you can get them that they will love instead of just a bottle of whiskey:

1.    Basil Hayden Bottle Holster and Blanket

This blanket and bottle holster set is perfect for those days when he wants to relax on the beach, have lunch in the park or sip something covertly into a music festival.

2.    Whiskey Tasting Journal

Maybe your friend likes taking intricate notes while he tastes, or maybe he just prefers to jot down a few words to remind himself whether he liked what he tasted. He can do both with these well-made journals.

3.    Port Ellen 37


Port Ellen is the top of the pyramid in rare, collector’s whiskeys. One of the rare releases from the now-closed distillery, it’s the Grail bottle for any scotch love. Distilled in 1978, this newest release is limited to less than 3,000 bottles worldwide.

4.    Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

Whiskey lovers are always looking for the gem in a field of new releases. For the guy who loves something tasty with a story behind it,Old Forester 1920 is ideal. The recipe for this bottle is a reproduction of their prohibition era “medicinal” bourbon and its really good.

5.    Glencairn Glasses

The experts love a rocks glass, but when it comes to doing a real tasting the glass to have is the uniquely shaped Glencairn. This will really be appreciated in the experience of sipping and nosing whiskey in a whole new way.

6.    Chivas Ultis

Not every guy loves a big, peaty single malt. Chivas’s newest product, Ultis, is an excellent blend that’s among the smoothest on the market, with notes of honey, caramel, and fruit. It’s also the first all-malt blended scotch from the Chivas brand.

7.    Custom Whiskey Tasting Set

Instead of trying to pick his next whiskey for him, give your friend the gift of a personalized tasting from Master of Malt, so he can find his next bottle himself. While you can build your own set from hundreds of choices, they also have pre-selected sets, so he can tour single malts, bourbon, and tons of other options, one glass at a time. Here is a link to some barrel aged cocktails recipes.

8.    Stanley Ecycle Flask

We know there are plenty of “high end” flasks on the market, but every guy needs a good, easy-to-use one for the regular day. Stanley’s Ecycle flask holds 7 ounces of whatever he wants to take with him, has a simple snap closure lid that makes it easy to clean, and is dishwasher safe. It’s also plastic—meaning it won’t set off metal detectors, for instance.

With these unique gifting ideas, you should be set for the next few years to come to gift your whiskey-loving friend different things each year!

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